Real Time Digital Audio
Recording, Engineering, Mastering, Production Services

RTD Audio is a privately owned and operated, custom designed, purpose built , acoustically tuned project studio located in Springfield Ohio.
Utilizing the latest in digital recording and editing technolgy allows us to offer the quality of a much larger studio while maintaining the flexibility and personal touch of a small business.
Low overhead provides us the ability to work within the budget of many local artists giving them an effective way to produce their creative works.

About Us
RTD Audio was created in 2006 with the idea of helping local artist produce their individual works. Studio A was the original sound space and quickly became too small for the amount of traffic which resulted in a new commercial space known as studio B. After more than 6 years at studio B, the need for a more spacious and practical space arose. Studio C was then setup as a  temporary work space while the all new custom designed and purpose built BRB studio was being built.

The new BRB studio was designed and constructed with one purpose in mind.
To be the best sound space available in this area.
A year in the making, it contains 5 separate isolation rooms, 12 inch thick outer walls, double insulated, double dry wall interior walls, denum insulation, 12 foot ceilings, multiple circuit isolated ground recepticles, all digitally acoustically tuned for specific frequency responses.

At the heart of the Studio is a custom-built Pro Tools HD system sporting 32 channel simultaneous recording with up to 96 channels total capacity. A multi-channel headphone matrix processor provides each person with their own headphone mix with no latency. The front end is all analogue boutique preamps including Avalon, Universal Audio, Focusrite, Neve and API.
All software is fully licensed and supported.

Live sound production system is capable of 36 channels at up to 14,000 watts front of house. 6 on stage monitors provide up to 2,000 watts. Wireless mics and monitor systems available as well.  Multi-channel DMX lighting system and full digital multi-track recording.
All live equipment is modular so it can be scaled down for small clubs or stacked together for large outdoor concerts.
Our engineer is also available as a contracted sound man for your in-house sound system.

The studio facility is available for all types of projects.
We are a registered label and can assign all your IRSC numbers to help you get your work on-line and out to the public.

Multi track digital recording
Pitch correction
Elastic audio time correlation
Full length albums
CD duplication with printed artwork
Radio spots
TV spots and overdubs
Audio book production

We also provide live performance production services

Audio engineering
Live sound
Digital lighting


Standard hourly rate for studio is $40.
This includes tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, etc.
Setup time for band is at no charge.
All recording media, materials, etc. are included at no additional cost.
All studio owned equipment is available at no additional cost.
There is a minimum payment $100 deposit to be made at first recording session.
Final bill due at completion of project.

All prices are negotiable depending on project.

Live sound services are quoted based on requirements.
Number of hours, number of bands, size of venue etc.
Address: 2900 Beard Drive
Springfield, Ohio 45502

(937) 206-3438

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